Backyard Storage

The Silver Line

Backyard Storage

$2,969 or $99/Month

Durable, All Steel Construction

The Silver Line is made of durable all-steel construction designed to last a lifetime. The only wood you’ll find on this building line is in the 5/8″ OSB treated floor, which can be upgraded to premium plywood, and sits above a 4″ steel foundation for added protection against water damage, termites, and other elements. All of our buildings are hand-crafted to perfection before being delivered to you, directly over your fence. 

Sleek, Modern Design

Our Silver Line buildings feature a combination of Galvalume silver siding, Matte Black trim, and a 3’x6’8″ commercial grade steel swing door. The lean-to style roof is the perfect addition to the Silver Line’s modern style. The Silver Line offers a practical storage solution for everyday use, and is 12’L x 8’W x 7.5’H. 

Easy Payment Options

Our payment options are designed to be flexible enough for any budget. We offer Direct Purchase, Rent-to-Own, and 90 Days Same as Cash. Not sure which option is best for you? Give our team a call and we’ll be happy to assist you. 

Backyard Storage

Building Specifications

SUPERIOR Quality, MODERN Design.

12'L x 8'W x 7.5'H

A: Lean-to style roof, 7.5’ tall at its peak. The roof is made of thick 26-ga metal, which is above industry standard, and yields an extremely durable structure that will not warp or rot over time.

B: 29-ga black metal trim that encloses an all steel structure.  Comes with a 30-year paint manufacturer’s warranty.

C: 29-ga galvanized silver metal siding coated in fade-resistant, factory-finished paint. Comes with a 30-year paint manufacturer’s warranty.

D: Silver, flush-mounted, lock and key mechanism. Tamper resistant and cannot be cut with bolt cutters or hacksaws. Comes with three sets of keys.

E: Commercial-grade 3×6’8″ galvanized silver steel swing door. 

F: 4” steel foundation that supports the ⅝” OSB floor, which can be upgraded to premium ¾” treated plywood.  The steel foundation helps protect against water damage, termites, and other elements.




Direct Purchase. We will collect your payment information and place your order! This is our easiest, quickest payment option. The cost of the building, taxes, and delivery fee is due at the time you place your order.

Rent-To-Own. No credit check is required. To place your order, we require the first month’s rent + delivery fee. Rather than locking you into high interest rates with traditional financing, we offer you the benefits and flexibility of our rent-to-own plans. At the end of your 60-month term rent-to-own plan, the building is yours to keep.  There is no penalty for paying off your building earlier than our 60-month term. You can do so by simply paying more than the minimum monthly requirement!  

90 Days Same As Cash. With this option, you can pay for the full amount of your building in three or more installments in the amount of your choice, within 90 days of placing your order. If you’re unable to pay in full within 90 days, no problem! We will simply switch you to our rent-to-own plan and associated terms will apply. 

The Silver Line Building PRICing
12'L x 8'W x 7.5'H

Purchase Price


Delivery Fee




We deliver hand-crafted steel storage buildings directly over your fence. We offer customization, flexible price plans, and hands-on customer service unmatched by our competitors.

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