What We Do

We provide you with a pre-built all steel shed that is designed to last with welded framing consisting of heavy gauge structural steel beams. The metal siding is 26 gauge with a silicone polyester paint. The building has a 6’ x 6’ roll-up steel door that provides easy accessibility and security. The lock mechanism on the unit will come with a tamper resistant flush mounted lock and key that can’t be cut off with bolt cutters or hack saws.

Our units are delivered to your home on a semi- truck with a crane. We attach the crane on top of the building and pick the building up and over your fence. The only restriction is we need 14’ of clearance above the top of your fence to do this. The area also has to be free of restrictions such as trees or other out-buildings. If we do not have 14’ of clearance above the fence than the fence will need to be taken down.

No Credit Check

A SIMPLE process. You ask for it, we’ll deliver it without hassle.

Low Prices

$59 a month. That’s all it takes to have your very own storage building put right into your backyard!

No Fence Removal

NO messy fence removal! We’ll deliver your shed right over the top of your fence.

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